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GMS Version: 9.3 Build: 9316.1261 Forward and Reverse Inheritance Issues

GMS Users,

Just wanted to reach out to see how many are running GMS Version: 9.3 Build: 9316.1261 and if you are having any issues using forward and reverse inheritance? I'm getting the following error with both forward and reverse inheritance.


Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


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    Marco OctavianMarco Octavian SonicWall Employee


    We would need a few more details here but I am going to recommend that you open a support case. There are some limitations that can this message and there also may a known issue that our Dev team is working. Either way, support is the best option for this question, imo.

    Thank you,

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    TytecTytec Newbie ✭

    Thanks for the response Marco. We've had a ticket open since April regarding this issue with no traction gained.

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    I will also note GMS support tickets are not being worked on now that NSM is out. We had a few cases open for months I finally just asked to close so I don't have to track them anymore. Is there anymore thought is allowing support remaining for GMS to roll over to NSM On Prem?

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    TytecTytec Newbie ✭

    Thanks for the response RBELMORE74! It is extremely frustrating to pay for support and not receive any help on an ticket from April 2021.

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    TytecTytec Newbie ✭

    Ticket still open from April 2021 with no traction gained.

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