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Sonicwall - Packages Lost

I have the following setup here:

Server A:

Server B:

Server C:

On Server B there is a job running to extract data from a database on Server A, and to write it to a database on Server C. The Traffic between A and B is routed through a Sonicwall NSA 3650. There are no security features enabled between those subnets, and no ports blocked. However, this data transfer always fails after some time.

What I tested so far:

- Permanent Ping between the servers: in 24 hours, there are 2 pings lost

- Packet Monitor in Sonicwall: The packet monitor doesn’t show any dropped packages

- Add a second network interface to Server B, so it’s also in the network; the job works without any problems, so the issue seems to be on the Sonicwall

- Set the security level of the Sonicwall to “Performance Optimized” – no difference

Can you give me any advice how I could further investigate and solve this issue? 

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @INE

    Try below steps

    Check your Server have any AV engine with Firewall service / policy

    If it's possible connect the both subnet servers directly connected to the Firewall interface and do the test

    Check both subnet under the LAN Zone or custom zone. If it's custom zone, check the zone based security services.

    Increase the TCP timeout for the both subnet ACL.

    Create custom ACL from Server A Subnet to Server B subnet (wise versa) and increase the TCP connection inactivity timeout. It will resolve your issue.

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