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Experiences purchasing 'New' firewall from eBay or Amazon

I have seen extra good deals on the NSA2650 I want to purchase, especially on eBay. I thought I saw a comment by somebody who bought a SonicWall and said it appeared new, but was so old that was not able to either Activate or Register it? Of course I can't find that comment now that I need to look into it. Does anyone have any experience with that? I want to add the enhanced support to make sure I have telephone support. The end user wants to put it inside the LAN only and use a DMZ to control access to a specific server. I'm sure I will need technical help when I get ready to install.

I'm most concerned about any problems registering the firewall and activating the support license I will buy too. Any advice when seeing pricing that sometimes looks too good to be true on eBay and Amazon both? It is hard to even get replies from a lot of the sellers, or know for sure you are getting a straight answer. The one I saw that is the best deal had something in the description about getting the Activation delivered thru FedEx or UPS, which didn't make any sense to me and just threw up more red flats.

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  • HIS_DanielHIS_Daniel Enthusiast ✭✭

    If the device was previously used as part of a Secure Upgrade than I do not believe that you will be able to register it under your Mysonicwall account. If that is the case, I do not know if support would be able to assist you or not.

  • Thank you for the reply. I do want to clarify that my intention is to only buy a new unit, still in the box. My concern is apparently not all sellers are completely honest on some of these site. I would not buy a unit if I new or had reason to think the unit had been used or registered before. But not only am I little bit concerned about receiving a used one even though advertised as used, I think the complaint I saw someone post where they had a problem I think the unit was not-use, still in a sealed box, but was just so old he had a problem. I guess it had been sitting on a shelf too long.

    One case I saw myself recently with products not always being as represented was I wanted to buy Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard. The normal ways to buy it are either for the number of CPU cores the machine or VM has, or a base server and User CALs to go with it. I several advertised the were listed as 8 cores, or 16, but they also had a picture of the license pack or cardboard envelop. On there, I noticed more than one where the product had either EMB or EMBD in the description or part number. When I researched it on Microsoft's site, I learned that is a special 'embedded' license that is either to install in an appliance or is bundled with a canned software package. It is the SQL Runtime Only. It has no license for the Management Console, the ability to change or write no code, not even the right to create new databases. So those were definitely cases where it looked like a good deal from what they advertised, but the product would be useless for what most people need it for. Sorry to go off on a tangent, but I thought an example worth sharing, and a big reason I'm now paranoid about purchasing what is supposed to be a new in the box NSA2650. But darn, the pricing is hard to pass up on some of them.


    I can comprehend your experience. I suppose you should check all sort of bad experience that you had with your previous purchase and after clarifying things, you should go for the deal. Though there are risks involved in buying products from online shopping, I feel some kind of luck is needed to get legitimate product online.

    Have a good day!!!


    Saravanan V

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  • Halon5Halon5 Enthusiast ✭✭

    @January_Smith ,

    Well all SonicWALL business is supposed to be 100% channel based.

    That said it would be expected then that you would purchase through a SonicWALL partner. Then you would have the licensing support by way of that partner and some fallback on them.

    Anything else should be considered used I should think.

    In any case you should be able to register and upgrade the firmware via MySonicWALL.

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