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Support Cases : Poor Dialog Construction

Can we please get this addressed?

The whole construction of the management for a support tickets is poor.


  1. Space is poorly used. The window height for the ticket when exploded is only a third of the page height
  2. When many attachments are included the Attach button disappears out to the right.
  3. The Alignment is so poor that that the pages needs to be scrolled to be able to see


  1. The height is insufficient
  2. There is no way to explode all entries, so no way to easily read through the ticket history


There is no drag and drop for file management


  1. Focus does not move to the inside frame for any of the above so you have to grab the scrollbar(s).

It's just not a great experience and it should be.

Category: MySonicWall


  • Hello @Halon5 - I will do a test support ticket, go through all of your items and write a bug report about the UI feedback you have so thoughtfully provided for us. You are right, it should be a great user experience and I will help you to make it one. I will have more information in two days.

  • Hey @John_Lasersohn ,

    Thanks for your kind support.

  • Hey @John_Lasersohn ,

    Some other thoughts...

    The case entries should just be interspersed like in a spreadsheet with alternating light gray backgrounds. Timestamps / Author to the left. The exploding entries are actually pointless. "Here are some entries which we don't want to show you".

    Just show the information "upfront", then you could actually read the case notes straight away..


  • LarryLarry Enthusiast ✭✭

    @Halon5 , thank you VERY MUCH for bringing up this atrocity.

    There are countless ticketing systems in the world that manage to perform the bare minimum functions that are inordinately better than what we have.

    @John_Lasersohn , than you VERY MUCH for even spending the time to look at this.

    My favorite peeves while you are looking to improve the situation:

    > Send an email response to a ticket and it is not logged in the thread.

    > Or, send an email response to a ticket with an attachment, and while the email is included in the thread, the attachment is removed.

    > Or, send an email response to a ticket and it IS included, but becomes completely unreadable because the formatting is removed.


  • SriSri Moderator

    Hello @Halon5,

    Thank you for bringing this to our notice.

    We are working with our dedicated team and I will keep you updated about the progress on this.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sridevi G

    Global Service Account Manager,Premier Services

  • Halon5Halon5 Newbie

    Hi @Sri ,

    Well, we only want to help. We really need this to be an interactive experience. Both fixing [this one] and when Support Cases are raised.

    There is little effort by SonicWALL to automate many of the tasks that could be done by the computer! This would save both SonicWALL AND their customers and partners an ENORMOUS amount of effort, time and costs.

    Sometimes the truth hurts but we need to get over it and move on.

    Let me know when we can work together to get this done, we will gladly assist.

    If we make a start, I imagine that much of this could be fixed in just a couple of days.


  • Hey @Sri ,

    How did you get on?

  • Hey @John_Lasersohn ,

    How did you get on?

  • SriSri Moderator

    Hello @Halon5

    We are working on this with the Internal team.

    We will keep you updated once we hear back from the team.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sridevi G

    Global Service Account Manager, Premier Services

  • Hi @Sri ,

    When can we all expect that to happen? I thought we might hear something overnight? That was weeks ago.

    Thanks, Stephan.

  • ChrisChris Administrator

    Hey @Halon5 ,

    I just spoke with @Sri and the team, they do not have a firm ETA yet and I don't want to make any false promises to you or anyone else. Once I hear some more information around an expected ETA or other information I will update you immediately.

    Community Manager of SonicWall. Feel free to @Chris if you have any questions or concerns about the community.

  • @Halon5 - Hello Stephan:

    I tested, emailed our team and saw that @Sri was already involved, working with the back end team. A note about expectations for any change on a very busy user portal like this: There are very detailed QA routines involved for anything which is used in high volume like this support case portal. It would be nearly impossible for something to happen overnight, or even in a week's time. Trust that this is getting the proper attention, and thanks for getting us started on it.

  • Hi @John_Lasersohn , @Chris ,

    Thanks for the update at least.. We are becoming quite concerned as to quality issues lately. I had actually spent some time to work through this with Ankur interactively months ago but nothing happened...

    Just end up being left exasperated...

    There is just no discussion with us here and this should be a hot topic where we see some interaction and not just being dictated too by "the internal team" who seem to have no interest in what we want or need.

    The "QA routines" didn't work very well in its development...


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