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Mobile Connect asks for credentials when still connected

Reposting as a question, sorry.

Using the latest Mobile Connect client v5.0.6 (5040), on Macos and while being actively connected to the VPN, I am sometimes asked to provide my password.

I can type it again in the password field but hitting the Login button has no effect, the UI is unresponsive.

After a while the connection drops and when I try to reconnect it fails until I manually kill the app and restart it.

Anyone else experience this annoyance?

Category: VPN Client


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    moshemmoshem Newbie ✭

    another screenshot to show this problem,

    this is how it behaves after I input the credentials for the second time while being connected.

    There is no way out of this, I have to kill it and restart to connect

    can you help?


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    Hello @moshem,

    Welcome to SonicWall Community.

    Could you please let us know the device model and firmware on it that you are connecting to? Please upgrade to the latest version and test.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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    moshemmoshem Newbie ✭


    SonicWall SMA 500v

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    SimonSimon Moderator

    Hi @moshem, is several maintenance releases behind. I'd suggest you do the upgrade to the current maintenance release.

    If you see this issue after that upgrade please open a support case to have this investigated.

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