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  • Clarification: Regarding Control Plane, does this cap traffic/usage on Core0?? What negative effects could happen by setting this Control Plane value?? Also, must these settings be configured within all Sonicwalls containing all these 200-some fqdns?? We have 50+ Sonicwalls in a hub and spoke setup with our NSA 3600 as the…
  • @MitatOnge Thank you for these suggestions, my comments/questions are: #1 is it possible to set TTL on fqdn address objects with the CLI?? I ask because there's so many fqdns, I can try adding TTL 86400 to the command line I found this but no code examples: Syntax dns-ttl Mode FQDN Address Object Description Manually set…
  • I want to ADD a firewall rule via the CLI. We have an existing rule like this: access-rule from LAN to WAN action allow service group "HTTP HTTPS" destination address group "Zoom Sites" I want to make several NEW rules like this with specific different names. Also to ensure max-connections 100 as well Thank you, Tom
  • All devices are sonicwall 6.5 firmware. My question is about swagger specifically, not about creating web servers. Thank you, Tom