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  • Yeah, I did have it enabled when I configured it at first, but was then told to factory reset it and obviously then it disabled SSH again. 🤷‍♂️
  • The browser I'm using defaults to port 443 for https, it actually communicated with the firewall, it was just that the firewall stopped responding.. After a couple of reboots it became responsive again. Firmware is the latest. I'm just hoping it'll stay up now... And yes, support seems to take a few days to respond. Shame…
  • Tried a few times again now and I get to various degrees of failure after reloading the page. Also tried a different browser this time just to be safe.
  • Hi Larry, yeah that's pretty much what I did. I can actually ping the firewall, but I can't get in to the web interface to configure anything. I posted a picture of what I can see, as you can see that the browser connects to and then it gets ERR_TIMED_OUT error and says the page…
  • Not sure how I can even check the current firmware version if the system isn't on a network and no internet access and I can't get in to the web interface to configure those things. Is there a way to do that? I did actually update to the latest firmware version before I started configure it the first time before I factory…