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  • @ThK We have now connected our telephones to a TZ350 via cable. Because the phone cannot handle the SonicWave, as the SonicWave does NAT and the voice cannot find their way. The solution would be if the SonicWave had a DHCP server and didn't have to do NAT. Roli
  • @shiprasahu93 Thanks for the answer. I will also get a ticket. Roli
  • Hallo @shiprasahu93 Thank you very much there was the mistake. I had entered the SSL VPN pool there and not the local LAN. The connection with the SonicWave is also cool. Super Service. Thank you so much
  • Hallo @shiprasahu93 Thank for Answer. So if you connect a NetExtender client directly to the firewall, will RDP and Citrix fail even then? Yes, that's exactly how he fails. Does Citrix also exist in the X6 subnet? No it is in X0 Can you please tell me the network ID under which the Citrix server is located? IP =…
  • Hello @SHIPRASAHU93 Thank you for your response. The connection with the NetExtender works, but RDP or Citrix do not work. Here are some pictures. Do you have another idea. Roland Sommer