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  • All, thanks for your help on this. The issue seems to have “resolved itself” and emails are no longer being blocked by Microsoft. I don’t know what the fix was exactly as I made multiple inquiries into Microsoft, but maybe somebody finally escalated it up chain. @Ajishlal i’m not sure what tool you used, but I’m curious if…
  • @Ajishlal I agree, yesterday I plugged in my laptop before the Sonicwall, with my ISP on the phone and watching remotely, and we were able to definitively confirm it it’s not the Sonicwall. So as I keep telling them it’s an IP address issue, and we need a new static IP address which they say they can’t provide. (Not sure…
  • Did you intend to leave a link? (I see a blank message)
  • I see , that makes sense. I’ve asked our ISP for a new IP but they are hesitant. If their entire range is flagged as low rep that wouldn’t help. I can’t get anyone at MS to call me. Just an email saying the IP is fine. Our ISP thinks Sonicwall is making our IP look suspicious through some setting, but I doubt that Any…
  • That’s what I said, but I’ve gone through all the steps and MS assures me our IP is not the issue despite the message. The delist website says it’s not on their block list. One of Their agents had this to say: —— I do not see anything offhand with IP: ( that would be preventing your mail from reaching our…
  • Firmware is 6.2