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  • I tried with "Tunnel all mode" turned off. It works with Windows 10 and NetExtendor, the tunnel is created and the LAN is accessible. It still does not work with Mac OS/X and SonicWall Mobile Connect. The login works, the tunnel is created, the LAN is not accessible. This is very frustrating, along with becoming a higher…
  • Actually, I've been through those documents. What I finally found was that the DHCP server for the port X2 was being created but not enabled, not sure why, once enabled, everything came to 'life'. "It's alive!" Network -> System -> DHCP Server - [port x2] -> DHCP Server Lease Scopes Sometimes you just need a hammer. As I…
  • I didn't read that close... As you can see they are both 'TunnelAll' mode. Which is why I grabbed the route output and have been looking a that. I also did a wireshark grab on the Mac this morning. I'm about to put on my hip waders and start going through that.
  • So, from the same ISP (different that our business) I connected with both the Mac and the Windows system. Again, both connect just fine, but the LAN is not available to the Mac (SonicWall Mobile Connect) whereas it is available to the Windows (NetExtender). It seems to me it is a 'routing' issue of some sort, but I have to…
  • No, I ensured that the firewall was off. In a fit of frustration, I set up VPN over L2TP/LPsec too. The exact same issue. I can login but cannot access the LAN. SonicWall Support doesn't seem to have a clue. I can't believe my employer is the only one in the whole SonicWall world that has folks using Mac OS X, darn artise…