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  • PLS disregard. I was accessing management web site, not virtual office web site.
  • OK. Im officially an idiot. Was trying to access the management website, not the virtual office website. Thanks for your reply JTUCKERCHUG. Very big help.
  • Im having this same issue. Or similar? I just need users to be able to login and get the QR code for 2fa. My manager setup 2fa for netextender with our Sonicwall. Everything seemed to be going well. Then suddenly, I am unable to login with any end-user accounts anymore. I get "unknown error". I can still login with my…
  • Thanks for that TKWITS. I believe I can probably make something work with this. I need to play with it still but the problem I anticipate is that the profile name in the reg seems to be a random string that is different on each client. Ill post back if I figure that out. In the meantime, I really hope someone knew the…
  • I should mention that I am aware of the necli cmds. They dont really do what I need as far as I can tell. My focus has been here in the reg: HKLM\SOFTWARE\SonicWall\SSL-VPN NetExtender\Standalone\ But at this point, Im open to anything.