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  • I have had difficulty in managing the mentioned screen issue in other setting pages such as this link at Of course I have had managed the zooming. However I finally overcame it by using Firefox in phone or this time…
  • How come the update firmware button is inexist which can't be updated?
  • I see. Let me dig to it.
  • Hi Micah, I'm frequently using Android smartphone to do things, rather boot up a big screen computer. Wish the forum supports working for images from mobile devices. Other than my mentioned displaying issue of the Group tab, there are lots of displaying issues from other pages too. How could I get the latest update of the…
  • Firmware is Enhanced The condition appears the same on Android Chrome, Opera, Duckduckgo, and Win10 Edge, and Chrome. BTW, may you please move this to Entry Level Firewall category? It seems the forum could upload any image, doesn't it?
  • It's the issue of losing all the Add buttons for User Groups in Group Tab.