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  • Hey everyone. I wanted to thank you all for your suggestions and help with my problem. I finally realized that there was no reason to have a second interface from my switch to the firewall...the primary LAN interface was all I needed. I removed it, added the correct routes and an access rule and it fired right up. My…
  • Correct. On the SonicWall was the first LAN interface (x21) I set up and I have always been able to ping that fine. Pinging this new interface from the second switch will route the exact same way until it gets to the first switch connected to the SW where vlan 900 is…
  • It's coming in on the correct interface. Here's the packet detail: Ethernet Header Ether Type: IP(0x800), Src=[40:f0:78:21:d1:48], Dst=[2e:b8:ed:04:c9:0c] IP Packet Header IP Type: ICMP(0x1), Src=[], Dst=[] ICMP Packet Header ICMP Type = 8(ECHO_REQUEST), ICMP Code = 0, ICMP Checksum = 35430 Value:[1]…
  • I found when I had added the route on the firewall I didn't use the correct gateway ip. Once I corrected it everything works as expected. Thanks for your suggestions.