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  • this is a wifi subnet/vlan shouldn't clients get the new subnet when their dhcp lease is expired? or they must disconnect and reconnect to wifi again?
  • the IP of the X0 is en the subnet is is this menas the we sohlud first change the subnet of the X0 to and after that change the scope of the dhcp to - (or up to is this correct??
  • @BWC Thank you for your reply, I think I already done that, So you mean I should change the scope to and use the subnet right? Thanks
  • @MitatOnge unfortunately I cannot find anything related to the vpn when creating the network monitor rule, it looks like that you can only chose from address objects or address object group!
    in get alert Comment by mrshahin April 2022
  • @ThK thanks for your reply, I agree, my inbox get full of the emails from the Sonicwall. But it should be away to get an alert with having your inbox get full of unnecessary emails!!?
  • Hi @MitatOnge Thank you for your reply, So I don't need to do those steps that I mentioned in my previous post and only follow your suggestions, correct? Also when I go to the Network / System / Network Monitor to add a rule there I cannot see anything regarding my site 2 site vpn connections at the Probe Target!! or I am…
    in get alert Comment by mrshahin April 2022
  • This is my packet capture filter: And this portion of captured packages: How can I know if the source nat is not applying? Thanks
  • @MasterRoshi Hi, I was wonder if you have any suggestion regarding why connection dwont get back to the on-prem Sonicwall!
  • Thank you for your reply, When use the Remote server public IP, I can see that data is going through the AWS tunnel interface but my browser dont show the website and see the error Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND this is what I see when running a packet capture: *Packet number: 2* Header Values: Bytes captured: 66,…
  • Up Date, I did change the Destnation of Access rule and Oreginal destenation of nat policy from X1 IP to object access of public IP that we and this time the logs show no drop but still unable to access the website: *Packet number: 158* Header Values: Bytes captured: 66, Actual Bytes on the wire: 66 Packet…
  • Should we use X1 IP for the Original Destenation or use the object access that we have created for our second public IP of WAN interface?
  • @MasterRoshi Just wonder if my last NAT policy would cause any problem!! I ask this because of the translated Source and Original destination is set to X0 and X1
  • I think you mean this, I will change the oraginal service also to https
  • @MasterRoshi sorry change it to what? :)
  • @MasterRoshi Thank you for the update, you are right, the traffic is sending down the tunnel, the site 2 site from our Sonicwall to Aws is created from our public ip 194.XX.XX.5 ( WAN ip) and the A record of the Website is 194.XX.XX.66 Can you tel me how to source NAT the traffic ? Thank you