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  • So I think the question still stands - if a malicious site has a legit CA and is doing SSL pinning, can these sophisticated firewalls do anything to prevent 'bad things' from happening?
  • Thanks for the input. Yes, something is better than nothing. Just weighing the administrative overhead of remaining vigilant.
  • I just finished setting up two 224w devices on my TZ400. Agree that the documentation isn't clear. The only port available for connection to the TZXXX on the 224w is the 'X1' port which are the backside punch-down terminals. the RJ-45 port would only work if you were mounting on a junction box, otherwise RJ-45 connection…
  • I'm not a networking expert, but here is what I came up with for two 224Ws connected to my TZ400: Portshielding together the following LAN interfaces (X0, X2, X3,X4) for wired devices, and Portshielding together the X5/X6 interfaces for wireless devices. Then bridging LAN and WLAN together to have a single subnet (note…
  • I assume this problem has been solved, but for posting for posterity: Don't know if this has been clearly stated here, but your sonicwave connection to the TZ has to be from 'X1' on the sonicwave. I just went through this with a couple of 224W sonicwaves trying to connect to my TZ400. I assume my experience applies to your…