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  • You may also want to try referencing this article. It may shed some light on what might need to be done on the firewall. https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/how-to-send-syslogs-out-another-interface-other-than-x0/170505458486384/
  • If you invited the contractor to access NSM, they would need to login to mysonicwall to finish the creation of their account if it is new. If that has not been done, it may not be usable and showing as listed. If they have logged in and their account is active, this may require opening a ticket with support for…
  • I would suggest taking a packet capture on both firewalls to see if the Ping is being dropped on one side of the VPN. If so you may need to check the LAN to VPN or VPN to LAN (Or whatever Zone the traffic is flowing to or from) access rules. Try adding a new rule to see if this resolves the issue. You may need to move an…
  • There has been an recent backend update to NSM version 2.3.5. You may want to try again to see if the upgrades go through. Also, in order to push any change, the firewalls will need to be in an online and managed state before it will push any updates. If you continue to have an issue with this, a support case should be…
  • To check on the firewalls HA status, In the firewall inventory page, click on the firewall to select that firewall. Then click device>High Availability> Status ad it should take you to the HA page to check its status information. The NSM firewall inventory page will only show basic information that HA is enabled, the…
  • You may want to review this article for potential issues that can affect LAN/DMZ access when connecting with GVC. It may help you on this issue. If you continue to have issues after trying some of the steps in the article, you may just need to open a phone case with support for live troubleshooting.
  • Based on the logs it appears those are Amazon IP addresses. You may want to check your firewall to see if its logs provide more data on that alert. I do not know of any other cases that were opened on a similar issue.
  • Was this a daily scheduled report that ran on it's own? Did you try and Archive for this date range of Feb1 to Feb1? If so does it show the proper 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 range when doing that? You may also want to make sure you are on the latest Analytics release.…
  • You should be able to delete the old VM and redeploy with the same SN and auth code. If it gives you an error saying the license is in use, a support case should be opened, and they can reset the GUID on that Serial Number to allow you to register the new installation.
  • I'm not familiar with all the SKU's so a sales rep would be best for that. It appears that is most likely the SKU for the GMS Tech Support License. GMS would be best for monitoring many firewalls. If it's just one or a few firewall you are trying to monitor, you may want to consider just getting the Syslog Analytics…
  • Such a report would require the use of our GMS or On-Prem Syslog Analytics products. Here is an article that goes over creating such a report. https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/how-to-create-sslvpn-login-reports-with-syslog-gms-analytics/220718185904623/
  • Log into Mysonicwall.com and look for your GMS Serial Number. Your authentication code is located on that page in mysonicwall.com
  • @JBAUMANN is correct. The document above does provide those default credentials on page 17
    in GMS Comment by jward December 2022
  • I will agree with what @Larry said. 24GB is the current minimum now when installing NSM as shown in the chart.
  • If you are having issues getting NSM running, it may be best to open a support case. They should be able to get it up and working and answer some of your questions directly. You would need to specify what issue you are seeing when trying to get it deployed so as to pinpoint any problems you are having. Maybe these…