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  • @SuroopMC We have a mixture of both Catalina and Mojave that are reporting the same thing. Here is how one of them shows in the 3.5 console And correspondingly how it show in the 3.6 console. The 3.5 Console policies are pointed at the 3.6.24 version.
  • Lots of messages in those logs saying "Failed to install 'Capture Client 3.6.24'"
  • @SnoopW Thats for the feedback on the issues. Things are looking better. All of the windows agents look good and seem to have upgraded themselves to 3.6 and the correct S1. All the MacOS agents are still having issues. They show online in the 3.5 portal, but offline in 3.6. They still haven't upgraded, regardless of the…
  • @SuroopMC Here is a summary of everything I am still seeing. We were a 35 customer. Per recommendations I made sure prior to update all policies were set with "SonicWall-managed Latest release" and that all clients were up-to-date with latest software. Per the Console this morning, this is still true: Many agents still…
  • I never actually saw that notification. It also doesn't help that Sonicwall sent a company wide email this morning, which sounds like the release is ready to go, which it clearly is not. "We are pleased to announce the SonicWall Capture Client 3.6 release". I'm not even bothering opening a support case. I've had nothing…
  • My best guess is something went wrong and they are trying to fix whatever broke during the upgrade. Yesterday I saw a "Under construction page" and I wasn't able to log in. This morning I was able to log in, but nothing was working. There was a quite a few notifications and tons of 500 errors. One indicated using the new…
  • Thanks for the response. Glad to hear this! I will wait for the announcement next week.