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  • Its hard to say where is the issue without you IP structure, but there my work if it can help. You can pass packet from one subnet to many subnet, I'm doing it whit Site to Site and VTI. something like : <---->,,, etc. in Site to Site, I have a object for each network.…
  • Thanks for the quick reply and sorry if my English is not that good. Setup 4 : Result RDP Client -> NSa 4650 -> RDP server Works perfectly... But, for this test, there something different on Layer 3. Setup 1 to 3 have the same Layer 3 configuration : Client in -> Routeur -> -> NSa 4650 ->…
  • I try 2 method : Upload Certificate from a zip file with server.crt and server.key in. Upload Certificate from .pfx file (contain certificate and private key) Both method give same issu : Certificate works if I enable it in System -> Certificate and when I check the certificate detail in my Web Browser, its using the good…