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  • Thank you, that is helpful. The site will have to be accessible from other sites and cannot be limited from just one location.
  • That's the theory. But the videos and guides I have found are all a little different and the scenario is not quite the same. I've followed different instructions without success. And more information like, which is better, or what are the pros and cons of each SSLVPN and IPSec options? It seems like most of the…
  • Those are great questions, but our Cyber people have addressed most of them and greenlighted this project. And because the data is not in any way confidential, but climatic sensor data about temperatures and seismic activity. But they want to at least protect it all with a firewall. Customer needs to be able to manipulate…
    in TZ370 Comment by jcchat66 March 2023
  • I am trying to test a SonicWall tz370 for a customer that will require this at a remote location directly plugged to an ISP. We are trying to test and also learn how to configure. We only need it to do two things. Allow remote desktop into Windows 10 machines behind the SonicWall, and transfer data from that remote network…
    in TZ370 Comment by jcchat66 March 2023