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  • I choose WLAN as the zone and then was trying to bridge. That only allowed it to bridge X4 and not the VLAN. This time I did the native bridge but did not choose a zone and it gave the option I needed. I have the sonicpoint only disabled. Your post pointed me the in the right direction. Thank you and have a great day!
  • Better layout for the setup X0 - LAN - X1 - WAN (DHCP) X2 - single PC (no switch) Port Shield to X4 - native bridge to VLAN 20) X3 - Sonicpoint 2 (port shield to X4) X4 - Sonicpoint 1 - WLAN - 4 Virtual adapters one for each VLAN - VLAN 10 192.168.1.x, V20 192.168.201.x, V30 192.168.2.x and V40…