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  • Thanks, this solved my issue. I still don't know why two rules didn't work, guess something else changes when user select "Ping" for the WAN interface. Can you please clarify?
    in Allow ping Comment by fre February 9
  • Thanks. Regarding NAT, it was not needed to create (or one was created automatically by the OS). Is ACL a "Mac Filter list"? In my case, being a guest wifi, would it be the case to use it?
  • Solution for this case: firewall forwarding to a NGINX server, and this proxy to our internal servers
  • I did try to create a second DMZ but the firewall would direct to only one server ( or according to who comes first on the priority list
  • Hi @BWC thanks for your reply. I will try this this solution.
  • Hi @John_Lasersohn thanks. Did you finished your research? Hi @Ajishlal thanks, but this is applied to only one web server into one public IP. My need is to resolve two hostnames (two different servers) into one public IP.