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  • Sure, TZ600. Firmware is currently
  • The only thing I see in the vent logs is Failed export of logs to AWS: Failed connecting to AWS. Not sure why though cause it connects on the AWS connection screen.
  • It just sits there showing this message. Testing configuration and connection to AWS CloudWatch Logs. Please wait... Not sure if there is some other setting I am missing. If I leave it running for log enough I eventually get this error: Receive LogSequenceToken Response Error:Invalid Server Request
  • So when you test in the logs screen it just never finishes. It never gives an error or anything. Do you have an ideas what it might be?
  • When doing the test in the AWS Config I get this. When I force sync I get this I am testing the connection in the AWS logs but it seems to be taking a while. I can leave it and see if it finishes.
  • Right now no traffic is going through it. I am just testing this out. I left keep alive on on the tunnel. It seems to be working now since i changed the phase 1 and phase 2 timeouts.
  • Thanks I think it is working now. I set phase 1 to 28800 and set phase 2 to 3600. This seems to be working.
  • So i checked and aws is set for 3600 for phase 1 and phase 2. That is what i had it set for on the sonicwall. I changed the sonicwall to 1800 for phase 1 and 2. It worked good for the first hour and a half the it dropped cause IKE SA lifetime expired. It looks like it came back up 30 seconds later. So it looks like I am…
  • Thank you. Let me test that out and see what the default is on AWS side.