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  • Forgot to mention that my assigned subnet is a /30 subnet, which gives me one gateway and one usable IP. Your input is much appreciated. However at this point, with all the given info so far, I need someone to guide me through the entire setup and configuration of the firewall.
  • I will copy paste the concept / solution that some users with the same ISP as me had, the main difference between me and them is that they had a Mikrotik as a router. Hopefully it can give you an idea of what the ISP expects me to do, and perhaps assist me in implementing it in SonicWall. Appreciate your help!…
  • I've thought about that as well, but I mean if they could've done that, they would've done it already without going into the hassle of sending every public IP client with the same instructions. I will however inquire, if they can do that, and maybe wait a week for a proper response (average quality of service). But my…
  • Thank you for the input. Maybe I forgot to add the part that, the modem is already set in bridged mode. Firewall connected to the modem, Wan being setup in pppoe mode and is getting online, but the issue is with a random public IP. As the isp mentioned, my pppoe account has been added to a pool where I receive random…