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  • the link from @ABSWV worked for me and I was still struggling with this NetExtender install in on Windows 11 Pro x64 v23H2. The difference seemed to be an .MSI install package vs an .EXE same software version of 10.2.339 but the MSI version installed without an error for the first time with the Core Isolation enabled.
  • @TALLEYRAND are you implying untagged traffic is unsecure? I'm not really sure what you mean? I also didn't understand the comment ARKWRIGHT pointed out. Bypassing FW with open SSID...? You mean a guest network without a passcode? please explain further I dont understand most of what you said. thx
  • Yea no problem I was just testing this out before adding another possible layer of confusion, a switch. :) Any idea why I couldn't connect to the VLANs while the interface was *Unassigned*? thanks again.
  • Hi, Actually I was testing this with a single AP connected directly to X2 no switch needed. I also have the AP set to Trunk Multiple VLANs and: "Allowed VLANs: 1,10,20." (shown in attached photo) They're Cambium APs in case you were interested. I was a little confused reading your comment because when you laid out the…
  • I tried what you said and created an interface for an Access Point on X2 (Unassigned) then added VLAN 10 and VLAN20 to X2. None of the VLAN devices would connect until I assigned a zone to the X2 interface. The minute I added X2 to a LAN zone all the VLANs then connected. Is there anything I’m missing here? Do any rules…
  • Oh interesting okay didn't know that was a possibility. I see you can't go back and change it to Unassigned but creating new interfaces will allow you to do what you're saying. Also, I would assume if you're using Sonicpoints this wouldn't apply since I believe you need a WLAN zone for them to work...? thanks for the quick…
  • This exact issue happened to me a few months ago and I worked with SonicWALL tech support and he blamed it on the ISP. for me It happens with optonline DHCP only, and with TZ300 and TZ500 models at multiple locations.