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  • @shiprasahu93 1) I would love to verify whether or not the vpn client is set to split tunnel; attempting to do so & being unable was what ultimately led to my inquiry on this forum. But in my initial message I explained that when I attempt to access the configuration page* while the vpn is enabled the request always times…
  • Thanks, all. I have done as @shiprasahu93 requested. Pinging results in 100% packet loss. Two attempts tried. WM
  • Micah - I have reached out to our IT consultant to see if perhaps something was altered at the other end. Since I have now confirmed another remote worker with the same issue, this makes the most sense as a current hypothesis. So much for my hope that was going to be something quick & simple I had overlooked. Thanks again…
  • Hi Micah - Thank you for the quick response. No I am not the VPN administrator. Our firm has an outside IT consultant who is responsible for our network and who prompted us remote users to install the vpn client a few months back as part of replacing/upgrading our physical server. If it would be helpful, I can certainly…