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  • @Halon5 For this I would advise actually moving up to to fix more of the DPI-SSL issues. The release has most of the memory fixes and DPI-SSL lock up issues resolved in that version. I am suggesting the HF222651 as that is the fix for the DHCP deletion issue when changing management settings…
  • Hi Summit, In reference to Capture Client, you would just have to make groups within your MySonicWall for each of your tenants and register the Capture Clients into each of those groups. From there you would be able to manage all of the tenants from a Single Login on the Capture Client Cloud Portal. You would also be able…
  • Hi @Jason_Faiferlick SonicWall DPI-SSL numbers on the datasheet are with DPI-SSL and ONLY IPS enabled. Gateway Anti-Virus is a big hit to throughput so once you enable that with DPI-SSL your throughput speeds are cut down by about 30-40% depending on the traffic. SonicWall did annotate this on one of their datasheets but I…
  • Hi, You can create Access Rules with Included User(s) or Groups and define them there and set BWM on that. Thank you Ben Davis Western NRG
  • Hi Bhavin, It depends on the Zone you are using on your MPLS. For this to work properly you would need to set your MPLS to WAN then make sure there is a NAT that keeps your traffic from being NAT'ed when going across the MPLS. The SD-WAN only works on WAN Zone and tunnel interfaces. Thank you Ben Davis Western NRG
  • Yes, you can create local users to give them access to their Junk Stores. They can also access their Junk Stores via the links provided in their Junk Summaries sent to them. Thank you Ben Davis Western NRG
  • Hi @Prabath , You can via App Rules Block Windows Updates with a Schedule attached to it. What this will do is prevent Windows Updates from being pulled down but does not guarantee that the Windows Updates will execute during the non-blocked time frame. What I would suggest is you actually create an App Rule that puts a…
  • Hi @Bhavin_Naik , Can you provide more information on what you mean by Userbase bandwidth ? On the SonicWall you can provide BWM (Bandwidth Management) to specific users, user groups, IPs, services, and Apps. This can be done via Access Rules and/or App Rules. Here is a SonicWall KB (Knowledge Base) that shows an example…