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  • Just clarifying the question and also made changes to the diagram I want to connect to the IIS Server from another location. I hit the ISP router/modem with Public IP 77.69.X.X first. For example I type 77.69.x.x:8080 in the browser. I think I should create a port forward from the router to the SonicFirewall. If yes the X1…
  • Hi Shipra, We got the public IP assigned to the router. VPN users are connecting fine. At this point this seems better than having to spend few more weeks with the noncooperating ISP to get the pass through enabled. Thanks for your help. It would be great if you can guide on what other configs can be done to secure the…
  • Thanks Shipra. I will keep you posted.
  • We are still working on the Public Ip adress part. Currently the Public IP is dynamic. And I was able to get the VPN Client connected using this dynamic IP adresss and port forwarding to Now if we are able to get back our 217.x.x.x address, you are saying it should be possible to assign this to the X1…
  • Hi I have configured the WAN Group VPN. But to connect from the other location I have issues. I am able to make a successful VPN connection when I connect to - This is the ip address assigned by the router to the Sonicwall on X1. I have created the port forward in the router to Which essentially…
  • It was a weekend and I could not connect back with office. I will be trying the first suggestion made by POORNI by today or tomorrow. Will keep you posted on the progress.