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  • @andyoeft I'm still researching this issue. If you found a way please let me know, but I believe the only solution currently is to do what @Ajishlal mentioned above and that was to Install a WAN switch in front of the Sonicwall and connect the two ISP connections from the same subnet, then on the Sonicwall, assign a static…
  • @MitatOnge the list that is provided to me is just a link that someone else provides. I may be able to see if there is a list of separation of URLs and IPs. I can check on that, but it sounds like Botnet filtering is the way to go.
  • @MitatOnge I'm fine with it not being discoverable. I will be the only one setting up the connections to the copier with the IP, but my main concern was not that there is an access rule from the Business LAN to the Guest network that if there was a breach in security on the network that someone may use some type of…
  • @MitatOnge When I setup the dynamic botnet list I get an error. I'm pointing it to a txt file with around 2000 URL/IPs
  • @MitatOnge let me ask you this. I tried that approach and ran into a few issues. I was able to create a firewall rule to allow traffic from the guest network subnet using any ports and any services to the specific static IP of the copier. I can now print to this copier and when doing a scan of the guest subnet it doesn't…
  • Hey @Marco, Just curious if you ever got this configured the way you wanted and what approach you took. I'm working on the same thing right now. Thanks!
  • @MitatOnge quick question. Dynamic address objects vs the botnet list. I'm sure both of these options have the same end result which in my case would be to block the URL or IP that is on the list. Is there any down side to using one vs the other, other than the max count list for the Dynamic Address Objects? Thanks!
  • It's clean with 11k records. The max is 5000 records per list, so every 6 months to a year I have to create a new list.
  • Just as an update to this. I turned off the FQDN Dynamic list and my malicious hit count went down.
  • @andyoeft I was never able to get a clear resolution on this. I tried the examples above but nothing ever worked correctly. I ended up creating a guest network with the secondary WAN circuit without the sonicwall being used. Socks that I had to do that.
  • In my head I'm thinking that I put the printer on a DMZ interface and then setup access rules as folows, Allow traffic from LAN to DMZ (X0 Interface to X5 Interface) Allow traffic from Guest to DMZ (x6 Interface to X5 Interface) Deny any traffic from DMZ outward (X5 Interface to ANY) I want to ensure that someone can't…
  • Hello @MITATONGE, I've updated the address object zone to WAN but I still have the issue.
  • Thanks @MITATONGE for the post. The picture I attached is actually when I was troubleshooting the issue and I had changed WAN to LAN, but the address object is set to WAN and has the malicious IP and that IP is in a Group that is assigned in the rule to block LAN TO WAN but it still isn't working. I have the rule set to…
  • Thank you @BWC I will update my SonicWALL and remove the router. I want to explain the situation I'm having because you might have some insight into this. My SonicWALL is setup to point to 2 specific DNS Servers that monitor and log all the DNS requests. I then receive a report from my vendor every couple days that details…
  • @BWC let me ask you this. Does there even need to be a router on this interface? Could I simply put a switch there and let the SonicWALL handle DHCP and everything else? I feel like the only reason I added the router in between the SonicWALL and the switch was because it wouldn't give IP assignment unless the router was…