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  • You are in the latest firmware correct? That sounds exactly like what my devices were doing with the shipping firmware but the April release made them at least usable and stable with a few weird exceptions I couldn't replicate.
  • @MPERU99 What's interesting to me is on the NSM when you apply settings it calulates a diff and shows the current config and the new config in human readable JSON. I don't know if the actual config is in JSON on the Gen 7 but I asked support if there was a way to create my own custom JSON them feed it to the firewall. They…
  • What kind of issues? I still have tons of issues in the NSM but none on the local interface. I only have one deployed in the field at the moment though.
  • Terri, I appreciate the response and was happy to speak with you today. I hope that SonicWall addresses the short comings in Gen 7 and is more transparent with the community moving forward. The firmware update today was a step in the right direction and the fixing the bug where notifications were not being sent out should…
  • Hey mods I have reported your stealth deletions to every person I know at SonicWall and they didn't seem to impressed. I hope someone high up is telling you to delete these. Not a good look for SonicWall and not a good way to run a "community". Ok have fun deleting this and I guess you can ban me to because I will be…
  • OK so I figured out what is causing the slowness. Anytime the FW loses WAN connectivity on X1 the UI slows to a crawl. If I unplug it, set a static IP on X1 for a network it is not currently connected to or turn on the tunnel all mode an IPSEC tunnel. All three cause the FW to take 1-3 minutes to load each page in the UI.…
  • I sure like paying $1500 per device to be a beta tester. Spent another 2 hours on the phone with support for them to say they have no idea why it's not working. What a great way to treat a customer of 15 plus years. Thinking about just returning all 18 that I bought and doing a credit card dispute. To call these alpha at…
  • Ok so it does work on any interface but it has to be in the failover group. Somehow one of the probes was failing and the SonicWall thought it was offline. Once I disabled the probe the firewall connected.
  • How would you manage your firewall in a failover situation? Yes I added it to the WAN failover group. No change.