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  • @MPERU99

    What's interesting to me is on the NSM when you apply settings it calulates a diff and shows the current config and the new config in human readable JSON. I don't know if the actual config is in JSON on the Gen 7 but I asked s…
  • Terri,

    I appreciate the response and was happy to speak with you today. I hope that SonicWall addresses the short comings in Gen 7 and is more transparent with the community moving forward. The firmware update today was a step in the righ…

  • Hey mods I have reported your stealth deletions to every person I know at SonicWall and they didn't seem to impressed. I hope someone high up is telling you to delete these. Not a good look for SonicWall and not a good way to run a "community". O…
  • OK so I figured out what is causing the slowness. Anytime the FW loses WAN connectivity on X1 the UI slows to a crawl. If I unplug it, set a static IP on X1 for a network it is not currently connected to or turn on the tunnel all mode an IPSEC …

    in Gen 7 TZ 370 Comment by Thekmumm April 8
  • I sure like paying $1500 per device to be a beta tester. Spent another 2 hours on the phone with support for them to say they have no idea why it's not working. What a great way to treat a customer of 15 plus years. Thinking about just returning …
    in Gen 7 TZ 370 Comment by Thekmumm April 8
  • Ok so it does work on any interface but it has to be in the failover group. Somehow one of the probes was failing and the SonicWall thought it was offline. Once I disabled the probe the firewall connected.

  • How would you manage your firewall in a failover situation?

    Yes I added it to the WAN failover group. No change.