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  • @Michael_Bischof Thanks for your help i will try it and let you know.
  • Thank you @SonicAdmin80 for your reply i did try that. i create a group on LDAP and i assigned ldap users to it, when i import it to sonicwall it did not import the users with it. If i use that group in a rule and i want to authenticate with one of the users assigned to it, it doesn't work. should i create the group…
  • Thanks a lot @BWC for your reply, so for me working with other firewalls like Fortigate, for example when i import a group from ldap i don't need to import users also, i can simply use that group and authenticate with the users on it that are created on ldap server. I wounder if i can do that in sonicwall or not? or SSO is…
  • Hi in mysonicwall trial software i take the nsv 270 trial license but i sill see that the "Essential Protection Service Suite" unlicensed. and therefore i can't use any of the security services any help on that? Thanks.