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  • Hi, Cheers for the reply :) Tried both the app via Microsoft store, and using NetXtender 7.xxxx which installs from the Firewall, as well as installing NetXtender 10.xxxxx ..... Each give the same service, which is an average throughput of around 355kb :( and even then it stalls sometimes and drops to like 80kb :( And yes,…
  • cheers for the info, tried a few MTU settings, but makes no odds :( .13 on the firmware isn't the correct firmware for our setup, cheers anyway though :) I spent around 4hrs yesterday reading posts/threads going back 10 years, and i think the end result is for a fix: Put the SonicWall NSA 2400 in the bin.. or just accept…
  • cheers for the input guys... I did the firmware update, mainly because at the time, there was an announcement about a 0-day flaw, hence the firmware update... But downside is it seriously affeected the SSL VPN !