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  • I can confirm the latest firmware resolved this issue for me. It did not resolve some other issues I'm having with the Gen7 device sadly.
  • Having the same problem. Upgraded new TZ570 from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1-R1262 and now my IKEv2 tunnel interface to Azure will not work no matter what I can do. Any word on resolution?
  • Just noticed a whole section of my original comment was removed. Got to love being moderated for being honest about my experience with support. They are having us demonstrate the issue multiple times and suggesting pointless changes like dropping the encryption level on the VPN tunnel. It really is not something we have…
  • @Saravanan @MasterRoshi @John_Lasersohn Can I get an update on the above? Support is refusing to provide us with the hotfix.
  • Any tips on how to get this better solved with support? We got the hotfix for one of our NSA 2600s facing the problem. We have a few other models with the same problem and have opened cases with support referencing the ticket where they gave us the hotfix for the NSA 2600. Alternatively, do we know when the public release…
  • Hi @SARAVANAN, State of the tunnel is always up. Issue seen at least in the following firmware versions: No probes. Reported by a colleague in case 43536841. They told us to make sure keepalive was only enabled on one end of the tunnel. Tried that but it did not change the behavior.