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  • Thank you so much @MasterRoshi. I appreciate your help. How can I enable routing ? If I wanna configure as follow How can I give ip to vlan 20 and how to add ip route? interface Vlan20 ip address ip default-gateway ip classless ip route 254 ip route…
  • Thank you so much. I create all VLAN's and also add native VLAN as above. now, what if I have multiple allowed VLAN's? Foe Example: I want to configure interface 7-12 switchport access vlan 220 switchport mode access and in interface 1-5 I want to configure switchport access vlan 202 switchport mode access while in…
  • Thanks a lot @MasterRoshi. It works. How to add an Interface description and how can I configure switchport access and trunk? For Example: switchport access vlan 220 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode access spanning-tree portfast