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  • I updated TZ670 from 5050 to 5051 this morning and no issues seen.
  • I installed 5050 a week ago and no issue. I notice today that 5051 is out and 5050 is not listed on the previous firmware.
  • My TZ670 is on 7.0.1-5030. Any new negative reports on the 7.0.1-5050?
  • A lot of additional fixes that sonicwall does not list what they are: The following additional resolved issues in this release are listed here for reference: GEN7-22240, GEN7-23631,GEN7-23834,GEN7-24321,GEN7-25750,GEN7-25751,GEN7-25813,GEN726604, GEN7-26622,…
  • This resolved GEN7-25966 for me. I also have this issue with GEN7-28157 but have not tried re-enabling secondary storage yet to see if I get reboots like I did on a previous version. GEN7-28157 When Extended Storage enabled, Firewall rebooting due to exception in renderLogToExtStor (logAsyncProc.c:1591)->SyslogRenderUrl()…
  • In the release notes, under resolved issues, Additional references, it lists these IDs. Is there a web site to see what these IDs are? The following additional resolved issues in this release are listed here for reference: GEN7-28157, GEN7-27978, GEN7-27955, GEN7-27950, GEN7-27930, GEN7-27834, GEN7-27766, GEN7- 27747,…
  • @ThK did you see random boots today? Do you have secondary storage enabled?
  • Still nothing from Sonicwall on the incorrect max DPI-SSL on the TZ670
  • Changing logging levels reset the email address in automation. Support suggested it.
  • yes. Had the issues with emails before upgrading to 5018. I do not think a browser issue since I was not getting email alerts.
  • @preston yes. I had the issue on 1456 before I went to 5018. I believe I had some of the issues on 5018 as well, but I was not on that long. First issue was dump to emails. There were some times I got 2 or 3 dumps in a day. This was before and then after I had secondary storage enabled. Second issue I have seen again…
  • @Sliderhome thanks for the note. Do you have a secondary storage module and that enabled for the logs. If not, that may be why you are not getting reboots. I asked SonicWall support on my case to confirm on a lab machine. They have not yet. If I get a chance, I will retry 5018 without the secondary storage enabled. On my…
  • @preston I had this issue before going to 5018. To downgrade I did method 3 in the KB. I uploaded 1456, booted to factory default, and imported the EXP. I did not do it in safemode. The KB did not note that.
  • Another bug. Under Automation, Email Settings, the email address under "Send Log to Email Address" and "Send Alerts to Email Address" disappears. The email address I had entered is gone and lists [email protected] I realize this when I am not getting any alert emails. I have a case open on logs randomly dumping to email…
  • Sonicwall - Is there a known issue on why this is crashing?