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  • @Marshals your answer does not appear to be related perhaps you posted in the wrong thread?
  • thanks for the help. If I read the answer correctly then I should have name uniqueness between local accounts on the SW and domain accounts and end users would input the same domain name regardless? had not thought to try that
  • yes everything points already to on-prem ad and it works just great. Here is the part that is different. There are accounts in Azure AD that are not part of on prem AD. (contractors you invite to your tenant as an example. Their Microsoft account (or whatever) is authorized by AAD and authenticated. Works great in web apps…
  • it does fail i f I hit that button yes, but it fails the same when i try and test a password sign in as well. it responds to a connect test but not an auth test. By converse the on prem AD servers, respond to all tests just fine and autoconfigure as well. My AD is sync'd and healthy according to Azure and sync'd with the…