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  • @A_Elliott No that's by default on BYOD devices now. Even my phone which was set to use the phones MAC address switched to random mac addresses.
  • @A_Elliott I currently have no way to stop them from connecting with a random MAC and getting a DHCP address. I like the control that Meraki has per SSID. The BYOD devices all log into a VLAN that is separate from everything else but the guest network has a login portal that captures and logs the MAC addresses of every…
  • I may need to switch wireless vendors to Meraki for guest wifi areas as I can apply not allowing random access macs per SSID. Here's instructions for a PFSense firewall or a Netgate firewall which is a pfsense box. Go to Services --> DHCP Server Scroll down to MAC Deny. Paste this in:…
  • PFsen** firewalls have this capability under the DHCP scope options. I'm going to check with an engineer at Palo Al** and see if they also have it. Mera*i's/Cisco have had this capability.
  • Thanks for the answer. I'll be looking to another brand in the future. Random access macs are ok for public areas but being unable to perform a basic deny/allow as a DHCP server option that's been available on Windows servers for more than 20 years now on the corporate/vendor/guest wireless network is kind of important. I…
  • Thank you for the link and I will see if it will work to stop devices from giving out a random mac address and getting an ip address assigned. I'm trying to keep our guest database from getting out of hand as people will register the same device with a completely different mac address when they visit us and put their…