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  • The ISP verified it should be 1Gbps, they are coming onsite tomorrow to investigate. This issue was driving me crazy as I couldn't get the WAN port to work and thought it was something on my end and then when looking at the old firewall it was working on auto negotiate but linking up to 100, so on the new firewall I…
  • This is great news! I can just get an Access Point and not use the built in WiFi if this is the case. I'll do testing and see how it goes. Thanks!
  • My SonicWall Rep recommended this unit based on our user count. I don't consider the TZ470 "low-end" and HA is needed. We will be keeping spares on hand since HA is only on the 470 and not the 470W.
  • Yeah it appears to be more of a "Big Sur" issue. Chrome works fine on PC and older OSX. If you ever find a fix please let me know.
  • I have been facing this same issue for at least a month only on MAC computers when using Chrome. The only resolution is to use Firefox. On my PC's Chrome works fine. I even did a system complete reinstall just to see if it would resolve this lone issue and that did not work.
  • Thanks for the link but that is not the issue with my situation. We always have the latest firmware installed and this issue is happening on SOHO, TZ, and NSA firewalls when using Chrome. After further testing my issue was isolated to the MacBook Pro's in our office. The Windows 10 machines with Chrome work fine. So my…