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  • I've created ticket with them and expect fix in the short time. I have different vendor firewall on my desk for test but I don't like it. My Technical Director is not happy that I have so many problems with firewall and we can't sell them to customers. I like Sonicwall, look nice, full of configuration settings but is not…
  • After long 6 day ran, firewall stop responding via website. I can ping, I can login via console cable, I see in NMS and can browse from, but I cant login from LAN to web GUI interface. Everything seems to be working except web GUI interface.
  • I already applied latest release and I hope will be rock solid this time. I've got to many problems with not responding GUI and Core 0 CPU usage 100% what was finished reboot device. I got 2 patch fix from support what improve a little bit stability but after 2 weeks firewall stop responding. Everything was working in the…
  • I have same problem with TZ370. I was on site in Friday and spent from 5pm to 1am with support on site. They've get all logs, restart firewall to default setting and device was working up to 1h. After that I told with support is fine and when I woke up in the morning problem appear again and I need to go on site. I told…