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  • Solution for DHCP IP Helper was found by a girl from Sonicwall support (Sadiya) In "Advanced Settings" - Disable IPSec Anti-Replay Finally after one week
  • Hi everybody, my SDWAN configuration is ok but DHCP IPHELPER is not working I tried to configure the DHCP over VPN on central and remote gateway, but it doesnt work with IKE only with main mode We can see the DHCP requests forwarding and going back but no DHCP is delivered on remote site Everything is stuck now Case…
  • After some tests and packet monitoring with the support, We found a dropped packet, so I have to add a specific route (destination DHCP Server), then the DHCP relay worked. I don't know why it is not working since we have a SDWAN route policy for the whole LAN. it is weird since the device - Network path found the DHCP…
  • @Arkwright I have heard about un-numbered tunnels but I don't know how it is in Sonicwall FW
  • @ARKWIGHT : Do you think the subnet mask of a VPN Tunnel interface may be a problem if it is equal to /24 instead of /30 ?
  • it is weird, I am waiting to have SW support on the phone to see and will make tests with another remote site, so You have only the IP Helper enabled on the remote site FW? over SDWAN VPN Tunnel interface or VPN Site to site configuration?
  • Do we have to configure DHCP over VPN? I use this option for GVC connections
  • And I verified my configuration in this KB (without the WAN and NAT because every remote site has its own internet connection) everything is the same
  • Hi Arkwright, support said : Noticed some dropped packets and check this KB https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/dhcp-server-packet-dropped-rpf-check-failed/170505829682992/ I have all the firewalls Gen7, NSA 2700 in HQ, TZ270 on remote site I enabled the DHCP IP Helper policy on the remote site FW, DHCP policy…
  • Hello, I made the firmware upgrade this morning and got the same problem, no more cloud backups Status: Error: Failed to upload preference backup file. [Cloud service connection failed [-11]] Did you get any answer or solution from Sonicwall support?
  • Hello Saravanan, thanks for your KB, it is a genious way, but in my case I dont have VPN so the Static route with probe must take precedence over the X1 (WAN) default route. I will see if I can find a solution by enabling guest service with external captive portal on the zone.
  • Ok I found it, When I choose Group by Group name, even if it is a group of the same model, I cannot see the firmware upgrade, but When I choose grouping by Model, I can see the option, it is better. But unfortunately I still have to download the firmware from mysonicwall and upload it then from my PC to Cloud NSM. Hope…
  • I can see individual action on each firewall
  • Hello Lary, I checked the NSM and this action of firmware upgrade is not present (see the screen capture), NSM version 2.2.0-R10-H1
  • I have heard about a new firmware (linux and not SonicOS), UI must be the same as Fortinet, is that true? I am dreaming about a UI more attractive and more simple such as duplicate a rule, Edit button like the add and delete button... Sonicwall is very efficient in portection but we need enhancements in logs and UI thank…