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  • Thanks! Sounds like a pretty simple way to accomplish exactly what I was thinking...
  • I was thinking the CL modem would still be functioning as normal (on but just its upstream connection would be changed to the new subnet on X6 - so in theory, the phones wouldn't even know that their traffic was being re-routed out through the other ISP connection along with the rest of the LAN. I thought…
  • I suppose I could just reset it to factory default. . . I don't think it is doing anything fancy besides internet access, but I don't really know for sure. Unfortunately the phone service provider has been less than responsive. I might lose the PPPoE credentials, hmm? Or, what do you think of my "manual" failover idea -…
  • I like the idea of setting the 215 up for failover! My only question is since I cannot re-configure the CL modem, it will remain on its LAN interface. If I drop the 215 in as the gateway for the phones, without reconfiguring them & the phone system (which I am hoping to avoid - not sure I can) it will need to…
  • OR --- I could just configure X6 on the TZ400 with the same upstream WAN subnet as the Centurylink modem has now (or any subnet, with DHCP server enabled assuming the CL modem is configured for that) and just swap the cable over to it, no need for an intermediate router. As long as the Sonicwall can do NAT from two…
  • The Centurylink modem itself is not down, but their network is (or was for a while today, in this area. . .) And this is the second time in the last couple of months this has happened, so I am looking for a way to get their phones back up if/when it happens again. So the firewall cannot have more than one IP address on the…