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  • @Micah Thanks, thats a little clearer I guess. My NSv's in Azure are still a concern. I also have some on 6.5.4-757 and they do not find the new firmware when using the "advised" console method.... ughh
  • Cheers Michael, yeah its not as well explained as the other CVE's where they give you all the models and firmware versions to and from? Like SonicOS and earlier SonicOS and earlier why mention both, if it is 6.5.4 and earlier, that includes 6.5.1 ? Or why not say 6.5.2 also if you are mentioning all…
  • Hi @Saravanan , due to https://psirt.global.sonicwall.com/vuln-detail/SNWLID-2020-0010 It looks like I might have to do this for my Azure based NSv's. Do you have a more comprehensive guide on this: NOTE: For Upgrade to Firmware Version Export current settings Re-deploy with Version Import settings How do I…