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  • Thanks a lot @BWC for your help! It is finally working so we are happily in Azure now and everyone is happy :) Thanks!
  • I totally agree. Unfortunately we have just taken over this environment. The appliance is not well documented and we don't even know yet against which email it is registered. For the others and public. We have found the issue since and as you mention it was a NAT rule. The rule was setting the translated source from the…
  • Hi Michael @BWC , You are correct, that's our issue. I have enabled packet a packet trace (not prolific at doing these on sonicwall, maybe your guidance would be gold). I can see that ICMP traffic does indeed come from Public IP to the local 192.168.x.y network. I was pinging from a host I can share a…
  • I have checked ever step in the article and the setup is exactly as the article says. The thing is the tunnel works fine but why does the traffic look like its coming from the public IP rather than the azure subnet IP's to hosts on local subnet. Thanks for your help! Appreciate it.
  • Thanks Chris. Will go through the article now. Thanks for pointing it out. I mean that if I look into wireshark the source IP of traffic to the on-prem host is the public IP, not the azure host local IP. Does it make sense? Basically we have an application which needs to register, the regisrar being hosted on prem. Because…