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  • OK. If somebody interested, that's the conclusion. I faced two problems. First one is ARP request packets could not leave DB zone which pretty much makes impossible any communication with hosts inside the zone. Thanks to AJISHLAL pointing to Enable ARP bridge setting, but it's enabled by default. Because my network is very…
  • AJISHLAL Got it now. ARP bridging was enabled by default. Also ARP query is not the issue anymore after I created static ARP record in my pinged host. It attempt to respond to ping query. Sonicwall dropped response packet with message "GuestService drooped the packet". Thank you.
  • TKWITS Very simple setup. I can ping DB Interface which is X3 from machine in LAN zone no problem. When I was trying to ping host in DB zone sonicwall dropped ARP request issued by that host. I created ARP static record in ARP table of host in DB Zone. Now when I tried to ping that host from machine in LAN subnet, ARP…
  • Could not find it.
  • AJISHLAL, sorry, could not find that settings. Only one related to ARP is a Network/System/ARP, but this is simply arp table like any other host. I tried search for arp brdging in my TZ270 UI, but it only returned Networ/system/arp.
  • Thank you for your response. I will try your suggestion later today, but most likely it will not work. Let me tell you why. Yesterday I tried to eliminate ARP request all together by creating static entry in ARP table of my host id DB Zone. When I tried to ping it, there were no ARP request and host attempted to response…