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  • Thanks @Karan1234 !
  • If the traffic is on port 80 or 443 it will attempt to scan but we can add the domains into allowed domains. This may require packet captures or browser console sessions to determine which domains should be allowed.
  • Yes SonicWall supports dynamic routing protocols. As far as GRE there is no configuration on the SonicWall. Simply allow the GRE traffic through the firewall via access rules.
  • The key thing is which system: SMA 100 or SMA 1000? We support 2FA on the client side on both systems – implemented entirely differently. On the SMA 1000 there is a way to change the port, but it is not intended to be done. It requires a CEM configuration and has been supported since 12.2 firmware. This is a global change…
  • This seems like an issue with Aruba. Hosted Email Security is proxy only, it’s not a mail transfer agent. The error messages being received that both Inbound and outbound emails are being rejected at the sender level clarifies this.
  • Currently, CAS does not have an option for Cloud Security Admin to review and then approve/reject email (like Approval box on Email Security) at this time. An alternative option at this time is to send alerts to Admin/User (based on the DLP policy settings).