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  • Thank you for all your help. Turned out replacing and older version of SEP eliminated the errors. Strange that the errors started when the Sonicwall was changed. In the end it would seem totally coincidental. Thank you Andrew Bernstein
  • When you say Firewall security are you referring to the paid service? We are not paying for or using the GAV IPS or any of those services. Is there something else that would cause an Schannel error Here is more details of the error Source:Schannel Event ID:36887 Error:The following fatal alert was received: 70. <Event…
  • I actually just checked the original NSA240 and went to the internal settings which were indeed accessible from diag.html. but found the TLS compatibility setting to be the same as the newer TZ270 So not sure changing that would make any difference. The old Sonicwall under Internal Settings->Encryption Settings does have…
  • Thank you Found it :) Yes, I did find the Network\Firewall\ Cipher Control. but wasn't sure what to change on that page. Will try changing the TLS compatibility and see if that doesn't correct the Schannel errors. Will let you know. Does a change in the Internal setting require a restart of the Sonicwall? I am really not…
  • My sonicwall is at When I sign in i am not put at a main.html page i end up at "" If i try to go to or diag.html I get the message that I posted above. Not sure why I am getting those errors. Do I need…
  • I am getting a weird error when i try to go to https://sonicwall_IP/diag.html. First I get a message about it being a non secure site then after I insist on it letting me through I get the following This browser window does not appear to be the one used most recently to log in to the SonicWall from here. You will need to…
  • Thank you for the quick reply. I was able to find the firewall-Cipher controls but I could not find the settings that were shown on the second link. These are the settings for Enable TLS compatible mode where does one find that?
  • However, Where would I find that Cypher configuration page in the new TZ240?
  • That article was from 2014. Pretty sure whatever the issue was back then does not have to do with the same thing that a change of my sonicwall seems to have triggered currently.
  • I see the errors on my Windows Server in the SYSTEM log.