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  • SHIPRASAHU93, I'll check out using PAT. It'll take awhile since his isn't a high priority project but I will report back eventually. Note: Our other location uses a block of Static IP's and 12 of them are on the DMZ. I'm familiar with the processes required for that implementation.
  • Changing the ISP is not an option. Acquiring Static IP's would increase the cost substantially due to a required plan change.
  • Thank you. I was aware of the options for auto-generating rules. I was either lazy, sloppy, or stupid and never looked at the Security Type Column on the Zones screen. Another one of those times where rushing through something results in an error. I was in the middle of another high priority issue, non-Sonicwall related,…
  • Hi Larry, Thanks for the idea. It turned out to do what I wanted. I set up a new Zone which I named WiFi for the X3 port with a Static IP and set it as Trusted. However, unchecking "Allow Interface Trust" still allowed communication between the Sonicwall Ports. I solved that by setting rules to Deny all except WiFi - WAN…
  • Thank you. I'll give a try and let you know. My only though about this approach , without having tried it is that by setting the Security type as Trusted it would have access to the other Trusted Zones and vice versa and that closig those doors would be a major chore. I'll find out.
  • No, I'm not trying to configure it as a WAN. Here's some more detail. My ISP uses routing, not bridging which creates a lot of work configuring a Sonicwall. I have a CIDR 16 block with 13 usable IP's. One is used for the X1 WAN. The other 12 are used on the X2 DMZ. There is a 2019 Datacenter Edition Server with 14 NIC's. 2…
  • I set up a process many years ago starting with PRO 100’s which has served me well over the years. I established a separate email account to receive Sonicwall logs. I have the logs sent to that address when they’re full. I use M$365 and the following applies to Outlook. I have rules established to move the inbound emails…
  • Thanks SARAVANAN, as you can see I found he Transparency solution and implemented it a few minutes before your post. Your answer is spot on and appeciated.
  • With a little more digging and playing with search term, I found the answer. The DMZ has to be configured in Transparent Mode to accomplish what I wanted. There's a Knowledge Base article which has the solution in detail:…