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  • @Clemens That is odd. Anything I have run the 338 exe update on it did update to the newer version successfully. Mine does say (40) after 10.2.338 hitting the i in the actual netextender app. I'm curious what that means if anyone happens to know.
  • @BWC Agreed. I also saw the request for the .manifest file. Regarding 10.2.331 and above not bothering to update, I think 331 was packaged with the 5145 firmware. Maybe the auto update only kicks in if that is the version the Sonicwall firmware was packaged with. If that is the case, to me that pretty much defeats the…
  • @BWC Thank you for your posts! Some questions and thoughts for you: I figured I would give it a shot using 7040 and yep, my sonicwall did the same thing, froze and had to pull power. I got it downgraded to 5145 and a custom HTTP setup and that part is working. I also set 10.2.338 in Internal Settings. Regarding auto…