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  • I have to create both a New NAT policy and access rule? I was going my per-existing NAT policies and my predecessor didn't create a NAT policy for PCI transactions. There is only the access rule in place for PCI transactions. When I create both a NAT policy and access rule, when X1 fails. These NAT and access rules will…
  • The remote clients are located at the remote locations. The clients do not use either GVP or SSL VPN. They are placed directly on the network connected to a switch and the switch is connected to the AZ400. I confirmed IP helper is not enable. As for DHCP over VPN there are no current DHCP leases over VPN and no options are…
  • HI All, I have a similar scenario. The difference is that, I have an outside Security Provider that requires access to our security cameras DVD's system. Byway of using DNS to connect for example: http://sw12.shopperworld.net:8080/ They also asked me me to white list (3) ranges of IP addresses. I have already created both…