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  • The versions I tried are "184-010236-00_REV_A_GVCSetup64" and "184-011500-00_REV_A_GVCSetup64" GVC was working previously on several of our Win 10 machines, however they one by one started breaking (the usual symptom being they sit at "Connecting" and never progress to ask for credentials). Now with GVC broken (and Win 11…
  • I ABSOLUTELY have admin rights and I ran the app as Administrator (and stated that already). I also created a new local Admin account and tried there just in case there was something weird that is profile related. Same exact result with the service not able to be run and that craters the whole install process.
  • Much like the OP, the GVC install on Windows is fraught with so many problems. I have two different machines with errors installing GVC (one Windows 10 and one Windows 11). In this case on Win 11 I installed as administrator and it still doesn't work. The clean-up utility does not work nor do the instructions in the…