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  • Meraki got back to me and said we passed all tests. Pretty cool. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the help. Lewis.
  • Ok I'll see what happens from here. We don't need all the IP's and ports you have listed. Support only told me the 2 IP ranges and the specific TCP and UDP ports I needed to allow. They said that's the only thing impacting us. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!
  • I just changed the priority on the rule and doing an nping now shows traffic over that rule. I made it priority 5 so I guess another rule above it had been denying the traffic. I'm not at all familiar with the priorities (although I understand it in concept) so do you see any issues having it that high? Everything is set…
  • They had been working fine but Meraki emailed us and said "You are receiving this notice because devices in one or more of your Meraki networks are unable to reach our platform through these new IP ranges." We have no Meraki specific rules (until now). I'd be curious to see what you have if its anything specific to this. I…
  • I still show no traffic via that new access rule but when I do an nping I get a reply. I also set the priority to "auto prioritize". Without that, I had an error about it being an invalid priority. Hopefully Meraki responds soon with a new test result. Thanks again. Lewis.
  • They have a /20 on one of them and a /19 on the other so the range is pretty big. They only give IP ranges and not a FQDN. Thanks again Michael. Lewis.
  • Ah...I see, thanks. Do you see any issues with me adding the 2 IP's that Meraki needs in the Destination box? To me it appears as if that would limit where the open ports could connect to. Thanks again. Lewis.
  • Thanks Drew. I did From: LAN, To: WAN, Source Port: Meraki Access Ports (where I defined the TCP and UDP ports needed), service: Any, Source: Any, Destination: Meraki IP Range. I don't see any traffic going through that rule at this time. I've just contacted Meraki to run another test against the AP's to see if the problem…